Learn about ChainSwap and it's vision.

ChainSwap is the hub for all smart chains

ChainSwap is a cross-chain asset bridge & application hub for smart chains. ChainSwap allows projects to seamlessly bridge between blockchains.

The four pillars of ChainSwap:

Asset: ChainSwap aims to create a multi-chain and multi-asset solution for multiple scenarios. For example, currently there are no proper decentralized solutions for swapping your assets across chains. Binance bridge offers a swap limit of $10,000 per wallet, ChainSwap will have a higher limit. DeFi has evolved from being solely on Ethereum to being on almost every infrastructure and L2 chain. ChainSwap is helping DeFi evolution and scaling by making asset swaps seamless.

ChainSwap will offer seamless asset onboarding meaning anyone can make a token cross chain by following a simple deployment procedure. New tokens can also be made cross chain from creation.

Application: ChainSwap aims to offer cross-chain applications by ultimately connecting all chains into one. This solution will provide unique opportunities in the DeFi space while giving DeFi access to a broader audience. Lending, Borrowing, Cross-Chain swaps and more.

Agency: Node based agency network fulfills cross-chain requests like gas payments across chains while minimizing application runtime. Intermediary Chain: The hub for all chains, ultimately ChainSwap will create an intermediary chain that enables cross-chain functionalities. Imagine a smart chain with all the chains in the underlying infrastructure, deploying on ChainSwap will grant you access to all the underlying chains. In addition, TOKEN will be the main token.

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