Cross-chain NFT Bridge Tutorial

Users would be able to bridge their NFTs to other chains without any approval/permission/support from the NFT issuer or the destination chain.

Step 1 — See if your NFT is already in your inventory

After you have entered our NFT Bridge page, you can choose [Select From Inventory] to see if your NFTs are already there. If they are not, you can choose [Import Manually].

Step 2 — Import your NFTs (if not already in inventory)

Copy and paste manually the [Token Contract Address] and [Token ID] and click [Import]. It should say [Import Success] if it is successfully imported.

Step 3 — Deposit your NFT

Go back to your [Inventory] and choose the NFT you wish to bridge by selecting it.

Select the [To] chain and select your desired destination chain. We have selected BSC in the example below. Then click [Deposit in ETH Chain]. We are bridging from ETH chain in our example below. Then [Confirm] your deposit and [Approve] the transaction on your wallet.

Step 4— Withdraw your NFT

After it is successfully deposited, you should see [Withdraw from BSC Chain] (we are using BSC as an example below). Click on the said button.

At this point, the website should prompt you to switch the Network of your Wallet from the existing chain (ETH in this example) to your destination chain (BSC in this example). Please click [Confirm] to switch to your destination chain and [Approve] the switch on your [Wallet].

If the website does not prompt the chain switch, you should see the below message, you will then need to manually switch the Network on your Wallet from existing chain (ETH in this example) to your destination chain (BSC in this example).

It is very important that you make sure the Network chain you switched to and the according Wallet address is where you wish to receive your bridged NFT. Then click [Confirm] and you should see [Withdrawing] as below. Then approve the transaction on your Wallet accordingly.

Step 5 — Check if your NFT is there

After the transaction is approved, you should see your bridged NFT in your [Inventory]. Remember to choose the destination chain in the drop down menu in your [Inventory] to see it (BSC in this example below). And congratulations you are all done!

You can also find your bridging history in the [Activity] tab (see below).

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